The BEST Poshmark Online Self-acting Website out right now: Schedule Sharing, Targeted Audience Following, Party Following, etc! PoshWiz Software is the most advanced and most powerful system built for use on Poshmark. It’s easy to use, posher friendly, and intuitive.

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Sharing gets lots of active buyers to follow you; buyers who are looking for what you’re selling.

  • Posh Wizard will share ALL your items out of your closet to your followers automatically 1-3 times a day on your selected schedule. 
  • Timed Auto Self Sharing items from your closet on Poshmark
  • Reverse Closet Sharing from the last not-sold item to the 1st (to keep your current item's order).
  • Share items to Parties
  • Sharing Items From Feed
  • Share back anyone's listings who have shared yours. Specified number of shares by you.
  • Set how many items to share.
  • Status show the process of sharing.
  • Randomly waits between shares according to stated min/max.
  • Auto share back items of other poshers which shared your items (Share back).
  • Auto Community Shares (Get your Posh Ambassador title QUICK)
  • Random Delay Between Shares (for human like sharing rhythm)
  • Random Daley between closet loops
  • Automatically Share Listings
  • Automatically Share Your Closet Listings + Other poshers Closets
  • Automatically Share Back + Follow Back From News Feed
  • Timed Community Shares
  • More human like sharing, generates a random number of seconds between each share or specified by YOU.
  • Random Share Delay
  • Auto share randomly items from the Scrapes items list from feed and randomly auto share them.
  • Auto share product randomly from party (or any other link with items).

Sharing FAQ

Sharing one of your listings will increase the number of potential buyers viewing the listing and your closet. If you are having a difficult time selling an item, you might consider sharing your listings with friends and followers on Poshmark and other social platforms. Sharing is styling on Poshmark. When you share listings from other Poshers, you are spreading the Posh Love! New sellers help existing sellers and existing sellers seek out new sellers to help. Helping one another become successful is the Posh Way. Every share benefits the larger community and everyone in the community benefits as a whole.

A share broadcasts a listing to the feed of all your Followers. The more followers you have, the greater the reach of your shares. Shares are stored as a collection on your About Page.
To share a listing, simply press the share button and it will share the listing to all your followers.
You can share your own listings to promote your Closet or Boutique. Try sharing listings to a Posh Party (only available during a Party), Facebook or other social media channels, to your friends via SMS or email.

Auto follow poshers on Poshmark with our windows application software (PoshWiz). Fully automatic, the best software to follow Poshmark poshers!

  • Automatically Timed Following Poshers
  • Auto Target Following
  • Forget about annoying manual follow! Automate it with Posh Wizard!
  • With PoshWiz software you can easily follow poshers by links to items or from other posher.
  • Auto follow poshers from other posher.
  • Auto follow by link (feed, party, brand).
  • Set how many follows.
  • Status show the process of follow.
  • Set wait time interval between follow.
  • Automatically Like Listings 

Auto Commenter
Customize and change up your automated comments.

  • Just about every automation tool offers the ability to send comments on your behalf. It cuts down on the tedious and time-consuming work that it would take to comment on hundreds of posts every day.
  • PoshWiz approach is to let you create these comments, which it will use in rotation. I would recommend writing at least a dozen of them. A greater variety of comments will make your activity seem more organic and less generic. Make sure to add new ones periodically, and replace old ones that have been used for awhile. To keep your activity as organically-looking as possible we recommend adding at least 10 comments that the our Wizard can cycle through.
  • Continue answering questions and talking to your followers.
  • While automated comments are extremely useful, they shouldn’t completely replace all interaction with your audience. You should still address any concerns or queries they might have, and strike up friendly conversations whenever you have the chance. Show them that there’s still humans running the account, ready and willing to pay attention to them.

Parties Features!

One of the best ways to supercharge your sales is by sharing your listings at the ever popular Posh Parties! Parties are attended by thousands of buyers at any given time and they're all hungry to purchase! The problem in the past has been that Posh Parties only exist in very short & specific windows of time, so you would have to be on your app or logged in at the computer in order to share your relevant items with the party. NOT any longer! PoshWiz Software will continually check to see if there are any live Parties and as soon as one goes up it will start sharing your listings to the Party, even in your sleep!

Additional features

  • The greatest benefit from using automation is that it gives you the freedom to put more time into developing your content. While automation tools undoubtedly will bring more people to your page, it’s your content that will make them stick around and follow you. Poshmark makes more money when you share more listings because more people are buying your items! With human-like sharing and following patterns & randomized delay settings, over 5,000 clients have not been detected.
  • And all activity in the software is completely randomized, keeping them “human-like”.
  • Auto Available Item Checker
  • Listing & poshername Scraper (Scrape by Feed, Keywords, and Categories)
  • Random Adjustable Wait Times
  • Automatically Alerts You via Sounds When Done
  • Disables (if you want) image loading to speed up the process.
  • Focus on delivering high-quality content.
  • Our software comes with FREE automatic updates and support.
  • Brand New Auto Pilot Feature! Simple Captcha Auto-Solve.
  • Proxy Support

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