POSHMARK WIZARD - # 1 in the world tool to automate your account, multiply followers and increase sales.  The biggest functionality and regular updates work on your business and success on POSHMARK.

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PoshWiz is a software development company that specializes in offering virtually self-operating Windows software that helps you automate pretty much any/all web tasks. We are active Poshmark sellers developed PoshWiz Software for us - Poshers and with our needs in mind. PoshWiz Software takes the boredom out of doing repeated tasks on Poshmark, freeing you up to connect with customers, continue answering questions and delivering high-quality content.

We are a group of marketers, Poshmark sellers & programming geeks that love to build software to help take the sting out of boredom from doing repetitive tasks!

We are US based, and are always around to answer any questions or comments you may have.

We'll show you how automation can seriously help those who are determined about selling on Poshmark, and those who strive for success on the platform.

Our mission is to make selling on Poshmark easy and fun

Trusted by 1,200+ poshers

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